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Clinical skincare therapy customized to your unique needs.

Before Your Appointment

What is the best way to book an appointment? Online or Call?

  • Online bookings are always easier and preferred. We designed our online booking system to be quick and simple. It is available to you 24/7. However, you are always more than welcome to call.

How do I confirm or change an appointment?

  • You will be able to confirm by text message 48 hours before your appointment. Just reply “C” to confirm and you will be all set.

Can I reschedule an appointment without calling you?

  • Absolutely! We added a “Reschedule Your Appointment” button to each email we sent, with the purpose to give you control and ability to change your appointment. You will not be able to use the “Reschedule Your Appointment” feature if your appointment is less than 24 hours. You will have to call us.

If I booked one service, but changed my mind, can I switch services?

  • Yes you can. However, based on our consultative approach we will always discuss what would be the best service for you the day of your appointment in order to maximize your results.

If I pay a deposit when I book online, what happens with that information and amount paid up front?

  • Your credit card information and deposit are used to reserve your space. Your card will be charged with the remaining amount of the service or package after your appointment has concluded.

After I book an appointment, what do I need to do before I come in?

  • Add your Appointment to your Calendar so you won’t forget!
  • If you are a New Client, please fill out our Intake & Release of Liability Form. The digital form will be available in the email correspondence we send you. This will give you more treatment time on your first visit.

I can’t come in during your operating hours. Can you accommodate a special hour request?

  • Yes, it is possible. For special hours requests you can email us to info@leborskin.com to discuss your request. Special requests are subject to additional fees.

I forgot to cancel and did not show up to my appointment, what happens with my deposit?

  • Communication is key! Please call to cancel or reschedule with a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Any cancellations with less than 24 hours of notice or No Shows will result in a forfeiture of deposit. No refunds will be granted.
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Day of your Appointment

Where is your studio?

  • We are located inside Studio Elements Salon & Spa between NE 3rd Ave and NE 4th St in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Here is our Address: 315 NE 3rd Ave #15 Fort Lauderdale 33301

Where do I park?

  • Free parking is available in the second level of the parking garage (off of 4th St.). You will see parking spots labeled "Studio Elements" and "Reserved". You may park at ANY spot before 5 PM. If your appointment is after 5 PM you can only park in "Studio Elements" designated parking. There is additional parking parallel, across and around the building.

After I park, how do I get to you?

  • Use the elevator with the sign on top that says “Studio Elements”. The elevator can only take you to the lobby. Once you get out of the elevator you will see a Big Black Metal door that says “Studio Element Salon & Spa”.
  • If the door is open, you can go in and make a right on the hallway. We are located in Studio 15, a corner suite.
  • If the door is locked, you can use the Intercom to call us and we will open the door for you.
  • If you have to park outside or around the building, text or call us so we can tell you an easier way to get to use based on where you are.

What should I wear?

  • If possible, come in as comfortable as you can. Wear something that allows you to do a quick change into our spa wraps. Men can take their top off to avoid staining or damaging the shirt with products.

If I have questions about the products I am currently using, what do I need to do?

  • Please bring them to your appointment. We will go over them and answer all your questions and discuss if they are the right type of products for you.

Where do I wait for my appointment?

  • Upon arrival, wait in your vehicle and send a text message to notify you have arrived at the facility. We will notify you by text or phone when you can enter the building. This will help us follow the new operations standards requested by the State and County due to COVID-19.

What impact did my previous aesthetics services have on this appointment?

  • We provide you with an Intake & Release of Liability Form prior to your appointment to make us aware of previous your services, products being used, etc. We will discuss in detail when you come in. It is crucial to fill out this and provide as much detail as possible before your appointment.
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After your Appointment

What happens after my appointment?

  • We will always follow up with you by text message to ensure your skin is doing well after your treatments. Feel free to ask any other questions or concerns you may have. We will always make ourselves available to answer your questions as quickly as possible. 
  • If you haven’t booked your next appointment yet, we recommend to book as much in advance as possible so you can secure the date and time that is perfect for you. 
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Acne Rx

What is this treatment exactly?

  • Acne Rx is a microchanneling facial. Microchanneling is a non-invasive procedure that creates invisible perforations in the outermost layer of the skin, creating a pathway for our skin rejuvenating, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial serum to treat acne deeply and effectively.

Is this treatment painful?

  • Not at all! The procedure uses very thin needles of 0.25mm in length to puncture the skin using a hand-held medical device called a Stamp. The “stamping” is very quick and comfortable.

Does Microchanneling really work?

  • Our clients love it! Microchanneling is very popular because of how effective it is and how quickly it works. It definitely provides notable results that are easy to maintain.

How many treatments would I need to see results?

  • It all depends on the severity of the acne. If the acne is extremely active and persistent we recommend to do this treatment every two weeks and then once a month. Clients can start to see results with just one treatment, however results vary. It is recommended to do at least three treatments combined with healthy dieting, and targeted skincare regimen at home to amplify results.

Is there a downtime to this treatment?

  • The recommended downtime for this treatment is 24 hours. We will go over the post-treatment instructions when you come in for your consultation.
THE Facial

What is this facial?

  • A unique service where we are able to customize every detail with high quality products and by combining different techniques and modalities in one service! No one will do this for you, but us.

I don't know my skin type. How will I know if I am a good candidate for this facial?

  • No worries! During your consultation we will determine what is your skin type and design the facial specifically to your needs to optimize results.

Can I get this facial the same day of a special event?

  • Absolutely! Your skin will be smooth, brighter and ready for a rainfall of compliments.

How often and I can have this facial?

  • Our clients love to get this facial every four weeks. However, it's OK to do it every six week. No later than that.
AnteAGE MD™ Therapy

I’ve never gotten Microneedling done before. How do I know if I am a candidate?

  • A consultation is extremely important before this treatment. Call to schedule a free in person Consultation to discuss the treatment in depth, what to expect, how to prepare for it and what to do afterwards.

How many sessions will I need to see results?

  • Results vary by client or case. We recommend starting with three sessions to achieve optimal results. Clients who suffer from acne scars are recommended to do a minimum of six sessions.

Will my skin be red and bleeding for days after the treatment?

  • Our technique is very precise and controlled. There is no excessive bleeding involved. You will be red the day of the treatment. Majority of our clients' skin goes back to normal in less than 48 hours.

Is microneedling painful?

  • The procedure isn't overly painful. We apply numbing cream for several minutes before we start the procedure to avoid pain. Some clients won’t feel anything during treatment, others feel a very minimal sensation of the needles pricking the skin.

Is there a downtime to this treatment?

  • Yes.The recommended downtime for this treatment is 72 hours. We will go over the Pre & Post treatment instructions when you come in for your consultation.

I want quick results, can I do Microneedling every two weeks?

  • Microneedling has a very specific cycle. This treatment should be repeated every 28 days to have optimal results. However, we understand that life happens and it is OK to repeat every 4-5 weeks. No longer than that.
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