AnteAGE MD® Hair Therapy

Scalp microneedling to stimulate hair follicles and influence new hair growth.

Features and Benefits

Features: this minimally invasive microneedling treatment uses sterile needles to create tiny channels within the scalp creating a natural wounding cascade instructing the hair to regenerate itself naturally. The solution used in this treatment contains all the portfolio proteins and ingredients that the hair follicles require to maintain the ability to regenerate themselves, create a better morphogenesis environment, and maintain robust growth.

Benefits: This treatment helps stop hair thinning or androgenic alopecia. Suitable for all skin & types, including treated hair.

Treatment Highlights: Stem Cell Growth Factors and Cytokines Serum Infusion that influence signaling towards the pathway for follicle regeneration - an industry first | Near Infrared LED Therapy

Duration: 90 minute

Price: varies due to treatment customization. It is sold in a package only. Book a Consultation for more information.

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