I.N.F. by Dermotechnology™

Instant Non-Invasive Facelift for progressive & immediate results.
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Features and Benefits

Features: I.N.F. is a concept created by Dermotechology™ that uses innovative, scientifically proven French technology to rejuvenate the skin using 7 different micro-currents combined with the electroporation method. This modality creates electro-permeabilization of skin cells, resulting in optimal product penetration to nourish the skin without any shock or thermal stressors.

Benefits: this treatment stimulates and targets over 40 forgotten facial muscles to increase firmness and elasticity, improve tone and texture, minimize pore appearance, optimizes circulation,  and has no downtime.

Treatment Highlights: Deep Cleansing | AHA & BHA Exfoliation | Custom Serum Infusion | Contouring Metal Mask | Near-Infrared LED Therapy  

Duration: 90 minutes

Price: Because we customize each treatment to fit your individual needs, the price varies. An in person Consultation is needed to help us design your perfect treatment plan, it's benefits, and of course the final price.

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