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Roberto Rivera applying a treatment

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Lëbor Advanced Skincare was born from the desire to provide a unique skincare experience combining customized treatments with proven techniques to develop a unique skin rejuvenation plan specific to your unique needs and goals. Using high quality professional products and a consultative approach, our clients benefit from innovative therapies to achieve healthier skin.

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Lëbor Advanced Skincare is a clinical skincare bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that is always committed to delivering state of the art treatments and great results. The company’s superior customer service, and meticulous protocols, make the full experience with Lëbor Advanced Skincare enjoyable and one of a kind.

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Lëbor Advanced Skincare helps men, women and teenagers of all ages and ethnicities to improve the health, appearance and function of their skin by providing unique customized procedures. We offer high-quality services proven to deliver real long-lasting results.

We are proud and excited of our professional and retail products! They are an advanced, innovative, effective, unique and luxury Medical-grade skincare collection formulated with the best technology for men, women and teenagers to help slow down and correct signs of aging, promote healthy skin, produce significant visual enhancements in texture and appearance, and prevent future damage.

We continuously collaborate with experts with over twenty years of experience in the aesthetics and cosmetic formulation industry to carefully create state of the art products, just for you. They have been clinically tested for efficacy to achieve the results our clients demand from professional treatments and medical-grade skincare. We are committed to using products that are:

Roberto Rivera applying a treatment
Roberto Rivera

Roberto Rivera

your skincare therapist

Roberto has always been very passionate about skincare. From a young age, he had to deal with sensitive skin, and later on, he was officially diagnosed with rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis. He was encouraged to embrace and practice with a daily routine to keep his skin healthy. As he learned more about skincare; the desire to move past the basics and learn more about skin led him to become a Licensed Skincare Therapist. A career he describes is his true calling and passion which led him to open Lëbor Advanced Skincare.

He is constantly researching the skincare field and networking with other industry experts to stay on the cutting edge; with new techniques and products. His goal as a skincare therapist is to share his knowledge and passion for skin with people from all walks of life, helping them see their worth and feel more confident, every single day. Roberto wants to connect, learn from his clients and peers, and be part of a network of people who are passionate about skin.

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Doctor Istiban

Our Medical Director

Doctor Imad Istiban is a board-certified Anesthesiologist, practicing in Fort Lauderdale Florida for over 17 years. He has been practicing aesthetics and anti-aging medicine since 2016. He responsibly maintains high level of certifications in multiple popular cosmetic procedures, including Plasma Skin Tightening, Mint PDO, Botox, Fillers, Kybella, Sculptra and other injectables.

He started his own anti-aging medicine practice called DermaLucence after he saw an impressive transformation in himself and observed how anti-aging medicine helped him achieve better skin. He gets satisfaction from helping others achieve great results just like he did. Dr. Istiban believes that anyone can benefit from anti-aging medicine no matter your age, gender, skin tone or ethnicity.

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